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About Me

Hello my friend! I want to personally welcome you to my blog I truly appreciate you begin here.
I guess this is where I’m suppose to switch over to a 3rd person point of view and act as if I paid someone to talk great about me. LOL
I’m not going ot do that personally I find it cheesy and I canRead more…

The Anatomy of A “Guru” Type Squeeze Page Funnel

Hey Hey!
Today I have a pretty cool video to share with you. I have been getting several questions in my 10k Subscriber Challenge about how I have my funnel setup and how my follow up sequence is. So I decided to put together a video and show you a sneak peak of the entire backend of myRead more…

WP List Optinator Review: Create STUNNING WordPress Optin Forms in under 5 minutes

If you have ever wondered how to create “Photoshop type” Optin forms for your WordPress Blog then watch this short video below.
Watch how I quickly create a new optin form for my blog here at ZamuraiBlogger in under 5 minutes. (Yes the optin form to the right of this text was created with WPRead more…

My Products

Thank you for visiting my Products page and wanting to know more about the training that I have put together.
I have put together 3 main products.
1. Tube Takeover Formula: This is a complete Case Study Video training where you will be able to watch me LIVE as I rank a brand new video (in aRead more…

Simple Strategies For Making High-Converting Videos

Hey Zamurai Warrior,
I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who serve, served and/or know someone who makes our freedom possible.
Today, I stepped into the Zamurai Dojo with a true video marketing ninja.
When the gurus need a video created that REALLY catches peoplesRead more…

Revealed: The 6 Types of Keywords I Target To Ensure High Conversions

Hey Zamurai Warrior,
Happy Friday! One of the biggest mistakes I see new marketers make is targeting the wrong types of keywords.
Today, I wanted to shed some light on this issue because the last thing you want to do is spend weeks or months trying to rank for a term that will not convert intoRead more…

What Exactly Is SEO and why should you give a DAMN?

Hey Hey guys! Let’s have some fun here and talk SEO shall we? You may be wondering what is seo (aka Search Engine Optimization) well I will get into that in just a second.
First off, I hate having to pay for traffic! Frankly I’ve only paid for traffic about 3 times since I started online.
IRead more…