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RankSnap Review From User-Increase your Rank with Safe Link Building

Product : RankSnap

Creator : Tom Yevsikov (also the creator of Adbuddy and Live Event Blaster)

Price : $47

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes,great product you can buy.

Presently,backlink and syndication are the easiest way to increase ranking on SEO. And the key to successful SEO with these techniques is automation. We should know that search engine loves signals,sharing so building safe backlink will help you increase rank a lot.

However,safe backlink is different from spamming,blackhat or duplicating content. In fact,some people try to create their own backlink by spamming. As a result,they don’t rank on Google and Youtube.

RSS Feed in my opinion is the best way to DIY backlink because this make application syndicate your content much easier. Besides,no risk of spamming because you don’t add any body text when syndicating content.

Today,i will introduce you a useful software that especially helps you rank content with safe link building strategies,RankSnap.

Notes : i have a review access from Tom Yevsikov so that i understand what RankSnap is all about. In this review,i will show you my ranking proof that it works.

What is RankSnap?


At first,RankSnap is a Simple ranking solution similar uses shortcuts to rank for multiple keywords essentially INCREASING traffic potential for the same effort by 500% or more.

Unlike other complex and outdated SEO softwares in the market, Ranksnap provides you with advanced tools and functionalities from an ‘Easy to Use’ platform.

It will handle all of your time consuming and budget sucking SEO tasks while keeping the latest ranking factors under full control.

Another thing you should know is the IP Address,the more various IP Address,the better way to rank on Google. That’s why some DIY backlink doesn’t rank,because they just have one IP Address.

How RankSnap Helps you Rank Content?

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.10.21-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.10.28-AM.png

Main Features and Demo of RankSnap

This is the member’s area once you login.


What makes RankSnap different from most backlink software is that they can automatically create account for you,you don’t need to create yourself. But if you want to create manually,yes,you can do this.

1.Create Account

These are free social networks account. They can auto create account based on your details provided in RankSnap like email.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.08-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.14-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.23-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.29-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.38-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.36.44-AM.png

As you can see from here,there’s a lot services RankSnap integrates with and of course,they are your major social sharing,social signals and bookmarking.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.39.47-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.39.54-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.09-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.29-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.37-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.43-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.50-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.40.55-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.05-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.13-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.20-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.37-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.43-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.52-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.41.59-AM.png

In order to create account,just simply tick social accounts and click Create Account Automatically.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.46.02-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.46.48-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.46.55-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-9.47.00-AM.png

Then you just need to wait. Remember,this process will save you a lot time and energy. After they do the whole process for you,you will see this.


2.Create Campaign

After creating social accounts for backlink,it’s time to create your own campaign. In order to make it work,you need to provide your own custom URL.

RankSnap has integration with spinning service,this helps you avoid spamming and duplicating content.


Click Create New to create your new campaign.



What we need to do next is to enter details for your campaign. As you can see here,it has Duration for your own specific campaign,this can guarantee to avoid using spam backlink.

We should create backlink very slow,if you create multiple backlink simultaneously by duplicating content,Google will penalize you.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.44.22-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.44.36-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.45.26-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.46.09-AM.png

There are 3 spinning services this app work with and they are all recurring services. Besides,if you don’t intend to add spinning services,it’s still OK to use Create Article features. The best stuff is,it is spinable,this can avoid spamming for you.


Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.51.13-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.51.23-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.52.10-AM.png

After that,click next and you will see this.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.54.05-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.56.30-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-11.56.40-AM.png

Right now,you need to draw your maps before saving campaign. And as you can see here,campaigns are created based on your details and maps.


3.RSS Feed

This will help you rank content for long term because you will provide your RSS Feed or Youtube Channel URL.


With this option,RankSpap will automatically create campaigns for any post in your website or video in your Youtube Channel.

Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.03.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.04.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.04.40-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.04.56-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.05.07-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.05.15-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.05.22-PM.png

Just provide your RSS Feed URL,then save your post frequency and account to backlink. Sit back and relax after that.

Once again,you don’t need to add any body text so that no risk of spamming and duplicating.

4.Link Manager

After you creating campaign or RSS Feed using RankSnap,you can view them by seeing their profile.


Click any profile,then you will see your backlink detailed,it’s super fast and simple.

And that’s all you need to know about RankSnap before buying. In fact,it’s a great  product that helps you rank video or blog post on Google and Youtube with safe link building.

Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Access Rank Snap + My Bonus Instantly

Funnels of RankSnap

Here’s the funnel of this product in reality.


Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.13.02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.13.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.14.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.14.40-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.14.51-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.15.01-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-07-07-at-12.15.08-PM.png

Pros of RankSnap

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