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Builderall Review From User-Alternative for Clickfunnels and WordPress?

Product : Builderall

Creator : Erik Salgado

Price : $29,90/month or $329/year

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

At present,landing page is one of the most important factor on internet marketing. Thanks to landing page,we can build an email list,promote affiliate offers and especially increase conversion for paid ads. Besides,most successful marketers use landing page because it helps you present products better towards audiences. Therefore,sooner or later,you need to spend time and budget for a landing page.

But,man,it’s not easy as it sounds. In order to create a high converting landing page,there’s a lot of tech,skill and budget. On the other hand,hiring a freelance for a good page is highly expensive and they will continue to rip you off again. There’s a lot of factors to create a landing page yourself like design skill,hosting page,outsourcing images,video sales letter,autoresponder,etc. However,to meet all these requirements,you may need to spend outlandish recurring fees.

Currently,Clickfunnels is the only software that contains all these requirements except video creator. But please keep in mind that if you want all the features above,you must pay $297/month for them. It’s great but too expensive and i’m pretty sure that many people will hesitate.

But fortunately,there is an alternative that adopts all features you need like drag and drop page builder,animated video creator,page hosting,email autoresponder,design mockups,etc. And this software is Builderall,which is one of the most popular services at present. Now,let’s checkout my Builderall review so that you understand what inside.

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What Is Builderall?


At first,Builderall is a drag and drop landing page builder just like Instapage,Leadpages and Clickfunnels. Secondly,it’s a service that includes free page hosting in USA reliable server. You can create unlimited pages with Builderall and multiple subdomain names simultaneously. Unlike some services above,you can create various page for each subdomain you create.

On the other hand,Builderall has some nice features like animated video creator,means you can create a video inside this service. Moreover,you get an exclusive email marketing plattorm that charges up to 10,000 subscribers. Best of all,you have access to the heatmap tool,SEO on-page optimized page builder and Facebook integration.

There are over 1000 templates inside Builderall and they especially work for multiple niche and purpose. Lastly,you have a design studios,exit-intend notification technology and presentation builder.

Who Is Builderall For?

  • Any marketer who need to create a landing page with ease
  • Those who can’t afford to buy Instapage,Leadpages,Clickfunnels and Unbounces
  • You want to page to be SEO-friendly and you also want to heat map your page to research audiences
  • Email list builder who want to save money from monthly recurring autoresponder services
  • If you come up with an idea of no wordpress method
  • Paid advertisers who want to scale up their conversion and return on investment
  • You are too busy to work on laptop the whole day (because Builderall can also be used on Android,IOS)
  • Video marketer who don’t want to pay expensive fee (for example : Doodly,Powtoon)
  • You are sick of multiple upsells

My Builderall Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you an overview about this all in one bussiness plattform,i have recorded a 2 hours 24 minutes demo video about Bulderall. I have explained all features you get inside this app,i will publish other video to make you understand all about this app.

Main Features and Demo of Builderall

Right now,i will review all features you get inside Builderall. Personally,i am a user of Builderall and i really love this software. This is the member’s dashboard once you login.


As you can see from the picture,Builderall has various features. Now,let’s checkout every single features you have with this software.


The first feature inside this service is to create a page builder. There are 4 categories you need to see.


Now,let’s take a look at Drag n Drop Responsive Builder.


This is where you see your website hosted on Builderall server. Its domains will look like


To create a new subdomain name,click on New website. You can also integrate your website with Facebook to add creditability.

On this page,simply select any template you like. Personally,i mostly use blank pages and create from scratch instead of follow a pre-done formatted.


To give you an example,i will create an optin page and a tripwire page for you to have a look. For example,i will pick these 4 templates.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.25.42-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.25.54-PM.png

a.Create Optin Page

This is the first example,an Ebook magnet funnel template,just simply click on Edit.


What i really love about Builderall is that they even provide a legal disclamer pages,thankyou page and confirmation template for this template for you.


Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.33.31-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.33.41-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.33.58-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.34.08-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-5.34.35-PM.png

So,instead of creating multiple landing page,all you need to do is to customize in-line format. Moreover,Builderall can host your download page,which can store 10 MB. 10 MB is enough for an ebook to give away 🙂

Builderall is an inline-format page builder but you are free to customize as you want. The usage of Builderall is as easy as Instapage and Clickfunnels (but not smooth like them)

To change images,simply right click and choose change image or external image. External image is like you paste the image hosting on the internet.


After i change image and ebook cover,this page will have a look like this.



To integrate your autoresponder,just simply right click on the button.


Then click Configure.


These are the services that have direct integration with Builderall. If you don’t use any of these,click Other Platforms and then enter a code.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-8.43.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-08-at-8.43.10-PM.png

However,i strongly recommend you to use Mailing Boss instead of other because it’s a self-hosted autoresponder of Builderall. You are free to charge for up to 10,000 subscribers.

After that,all you need to do is to click Save on the right-top.


If you use Instapage,Leadpages or Ascendpages,etc,each page will be one subdomain,which is not a good idea. With builderall,you will not only access multiple subdomain but also multiple sub-tittle site.

Here’s an example page (i just screen capture to create an example)


website-3.jpg website-4.jpg website-5.jpg

website-6.jpg website-7.jpg

Click here to see the layout of that page.

b.A Free Course Page

Besides an optin page,you can also create a free course page if you have a video training series. People love watching video because they look more professional and real than ebook. Of course,you can easily create a free course page using Builderall.


To add text,simply click on the green plus button.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-2.38.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-2.38.47-PM.png

Click Text and then choose a text format.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-2.38.22-PM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-2.38.47-PM-1.png

Simply edit and customize text after that.


Now,right click the button and click Action.


It’s like people register for the free training. Builderall also features membership generator,which is mostly for expensive services like Clickfunnels.


This is the place where people register a free training.


So,you are paying $47,90/month for unlimited web hosting,subdomain licenses,membership generator,mailing list with 10,000 subscribers,drag and drop landing page creator and more will be mentioned below 🙂

One of the best way to present an offer towards audiences is to add bullet with value driven point. Thanks to Builderall,you can do this with ease.

Just click the elements “Button” and you will see a list of icon.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-6.03.23-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-6.07.21-PM.png


This is how your page look like after adding bullet together with value driven point.


When creating a landing page,one of the most important factors is to add sections. With Builderall,you can add new sections or blocks instantly,you can only do that by duplicating available sections and then edit. Well,this may somewhat annoying for some people.

In order to do that,simply right click the section and click on the duplicate icon.


After that,you can see a page like this. The next part is to customize it.

Customize Sections and Elements


To change background (for example: an image background,video background or just edit color),you only need to right click and choose Edit Row.


Or you can click on Background Columm or this.


Choose any format you want like this.


If you choose to add video,Builderall can host it but just 10MB in maximum. Don’t worry,a video background will never need up to 10MB. You can use image or color if you want.

In case you need to create a list of features people have of a product,you can insert row,coluum to make everything look perfect.

It’s easy,simply right click and click on add coluum.





See the layout of this page here.

c.Free Product Offers

If you are a CPA marketer,then landing page is vital for your campaign. In fact,most successful CPA or lead generation marketers create landing page to promote offers. Being an affiliate,always keep in mind that you are trying to scale up your ROI. Of course,the best way to do that is to combine a great presale page and traffic.


Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.32.42-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.32.48-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.32.53-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.33.00-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.33.04-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-11.33.08-PM.png

If you want to list benefits of a product,click Row and choose the elements you want.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-9.22.41-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-9.23.01-AM.png

Anywat,make sure you customize your page in order to fit your purpose and offers.



Have a look with this page here,make sure you click Preview to see the page in real action.


d.Templates with Builderall

There’s a wide range of templates that works in multiple niche inside Builderall and you won’t need to pay extra fee. If you are searching for a service that offers the most various landing page templates,my answers is Builderall. Let’s take a look at these.


Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.09.39-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.10.10-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.10.17-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.10.24-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.10.32-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-10.10.37-AM.png

Templates from Builderall will work in major paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads,Native Ads,Google Adwords,Bing Ads,etc and even free traffic. It also works very well if you intend to use survey traffic or coupon traffic. If you are a CPA marketer,you will definitely feel grateful this service. When comparing with Instapage and Leadpages,Builderall has more various templates. Here are some examples page,click the image in order to visit the templates.

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL0xhdW5jaCBGaXRuZXNzIExpZmUucG5n L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1RodW1ibmFpbC0tLVNhbGVzLVBhZ2UtLS1FaWdodC5wbmc=

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL2JnLW1hYy0uanBn L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NraW4gQ2FyZS5KUEc=

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL09ubGluZSBEYXRpbmcgVHdvIFNhbGVzIFBhZ2UucG5n L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NjcmVlbnNob3RfMTQuanBn

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NjcmVlbnNob3RfMzUuanBn L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NhbGVzIFBhZ2UgRml0bmVzcy5wbmc=

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NjcmVlbnNob3QgKDQzKS5wbmc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL2luamRzamlkcy5wbmc=

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL09wdGluLUVhc3ktLS1GaXRuZXNzLUxpZmUucG5n L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzAwMi14Y3Z4emN2eHp2enhjLnBuZw==

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1Bva2VyIFNhbGVzIFBhZ2UucG5n L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzAwMS1hc2Rhc2RhZGFkYXNkYXMucG5n

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1BhaW50ZXJzLVRodW1ibmFpbC5qcGc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL2ZpbmFuY2UtdGh1bWJuYWlsLTAxLmpwZw==

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL2NhcnJlcGFpci10aHVtYi5wbmc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1NjcmVlbnNob3RfNi5qcGc=

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL2luZm8xOC10aHVtbmFpbDUyMy5qcGc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL0luZm9ncmFwaGljIERlbnRpc3QtVGh1bWJuYWlsLTAxMjMuanBn

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzAwMnZ6Y3h2Y3h2LnBuZw== L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzAwMWFzZGZhc2ZkZHNmLnBuZw==

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzIwMTgtMDEtMDRfMDkyMC5wbmc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlL1RodW1ibmFpbC0tLVN1cnZleS1PcHRpbi1GdW5uZWwtQmx1ZS1HUkFZLnBuZw==

L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzIwMTgtMDEtMTlfMTIzNy5wbmc= L2ltYWdlcy9zaXRlL3RlbXBsYXRlLzIwMTgtMDEtMTlfMTIwNy5wbmc=

More templates will be mentioned in my new posts teaching you about specific niche research or getting traffic.

e.Mobile and Blog Builder

Builderall is created to be a WordPress alternative and in fact,you can do that. This service has various themes and they work in multiple niche. Of course,you can customize it by using drag and drop elements.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-12.18.07-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-12.18.12-PM.png

Here are some mobile responsive page.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-12.21.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-02-11-at-12.21.32-PM.png

And this is the builder features of Builderall. Now,let’s take a look at Mailing Boss Autoresponder feature.

Check Out Full Demo of Builder All Here

 2.Mailing Boss Autoresponder

The most unique feature inside Builderall is an email list subscribers which up to 10,000 subscribers. Instead of using Aweber and Leadpages as some training outhere,you got both inside Builderall.

In fact,when talking about autoresponder,we talk about hosting first. The reason why you pay monthly fee for Getreponse,Aweber,Convertkit and Drip is because you are paying for the hosting. That’s why self-hosted autoresponders doesn’t charge monthly fee.

Builderall is a service that host your page and autoresponder in the US’s server. Don’t worry about this hosting platform,it’s 100% uptime.

1.Mailing Overview

Here’s the mailing boss autoresponder dashboard of Builderall.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.13.51-PM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.14.34-PM.png

Choose your bussiness address.


Right now,you can create your mailing campaign. At present,i haven’t created any campaign.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.20.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.20.15-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.20.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.20.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-4.20.39-PM.png

2.Settings Up and Integration

Integrating your website is an optinal process but you should do this.


At here,you need to choose domain and then copy the DNS record. Simply login to your domain service, or Namecheap,etc.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.19.01-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.19.11-PM.png

Don’t worry,it’s not a kind of self-hosted autoresponder because Buiderall covers the hosting for you in US.

Besides,you also need to import your list. If you have already used Mailchimp,Getresponse,Aweber before but not intending to continue to service,Builderall is an option.


You can import your list by 3 ways.


Builderall Mailing Boss is ethical because it allows subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe. Here’s an example subscribe form and unsubscribe form.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.38.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.38.24-PM.png


3.Email Templates

Depends on what you are doing,having an email template is a good stuff. What surprises me about Builderall is it has drag and drop email templates builder and various predone templates.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.47.45-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.47.54-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.47.58-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.08-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.13-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.28-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.43-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.48.59-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.49.04-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-6.49.18-PM.png

Here are some example templates in gallery. Pick any of these and then customize it.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.06.39-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.06.50-PM.png

Just drag,drop and then customize your text,super smooth,right.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.10.28-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.10.35-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.10.43-PM.png

These templates are 100% customizable.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.15.13-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.15.30-PM.png

4.Create Your List

You can also create double optin or single optin for Builderall Mailing Boss,it’s super fast and easy.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.17.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.18.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.18.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.18.42-PM.png

This is what you see next.


If you think you can not use advanced tag,segmentation,you are completely wrong. With Builderall,everything is real.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.23.14-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.23.26-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.23.43-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.23.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.24.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.24.40-PM.png

6.Campaign and Automation

As i mention before,Builderall Mailing Boss can replace autoresponder software and it’s real. In fact,you can create a mailing sequence together with Builderall. Look at these 3 screenshot.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.28.27-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.29.08-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.30.26-PM.png

Don’t forget to create Sequence first.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.32.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.32.50-PM.png

Here what you can do for an email. Therefore,to create a mailing autoresponder,you need to create multiple emails like that.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.36.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.36.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.36.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.36.58-PM.png

After that,you can setup automation rule. It’s like just send email to people who has Label rule.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.39.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.39.47-PM.png

This is a highly advanced feature that only Convertkit offers,now you get with Builderall.

And that’s all you need to know about Builderall Mailing Boss. The next part when using this features will be taught and mentioned inside the member’s area. Let’s see the next feature of Buiderall,Design Studio and Presentation Builder.

3.Design and Presentation

a.Design Studio

These are customizable graphics for you to add your brand and logo. This feature is high awersome especially if you are selling or lanching product online.


I think right now,you may understand where most beautiful graphics come from.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.00.46-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.00.55-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.16-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.46-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.01.55-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.02.02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.02.45-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.02.52-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.02.57-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.11-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.18-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.24-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.39-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.46-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.52-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.03.59-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.04.08-PM.png

For instance,i choose this template.


Then i upload image on it.



And here the image in reality. Of course,beautiful or not is up to your creativity.


And here’s another example.

zDAl0y20HIyLMRV.gif HVLG1M1jCEoBVFs.gif

I’m not a skillful designer but i think these images look OK :p

b.Presentation Builder

Builderall has a cool feature and it’s super effective to boost engagement if use correctly.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.58.04-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-10.59.14-PM.png

When using this feature,you will save a lot time using Powerpoint and creating PDF. Builderall is like the name,it builds all.

You can add text,image and video if you want.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.02.47-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.02.54-PM.png

Here’s what i do,just an example.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.07.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.07.27-PM.png

What surprises me is that Buidlerall even host your presentation. As a result,you don’t have to upload anything. Of course,it includes SSL certificate and not downloadable,means people can’t steal.

And this is the Photo Studio inside Builderall,where you can store image.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.15.56-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.16.31-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-11.17.11-PM.png

Best of all,you can store image from your phone. Pretty amazing right,a service that covers everything for you.



Thanks to Builderall,you can now easily create a video sales letter and animation video. However,what makes me doesn’t understand is why they promote VideoRobot inside this tab.


To start,at first,click on Animated Videos. Now,create your project.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-6.42.53-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-6.43.10-AM.png

Pick a template,these templates can be used for the entire video.


Please note that it’s only a temporary alternative for those who lack budget to buy EasyVSL,Doodly,Reevio,etc. Especially Builderall Animated Video can upload another video to your builder. Therefore,if you combine the animated inside Builderall and some video outside,this can create a great video.


In order to customize video,just simply play and edit text. Especially you can drag and drop text.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-6.59.51-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.00.20-AM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.00.42-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.00.52-AM.png

Just simply edit again,again and again with Builderall until you finish.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.03.56-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.04.05-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.04.11-AM.png

It’s like an animated video that help you create video by customizing pre-formatted templates.



Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.13.06-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.14.48-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.16.35-AM.png


Edit and customize text in order to fit what you are presenting.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.14-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.26-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.13.29-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.13.39-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.13.49-AM.png

And lastly,encording your video.


Remember to save to your library. After rendering video,then upload to youtube,facebook or as an MP4 file.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.04.52-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.04.59-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.05.05-AM.png

b.Floating Video

This feature is like a video hosting service. You only need to upload your video and then getting the link code from Builderall server. Of course,it includes https certification and it can not be stolen.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.12.52-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.15.01-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.17.21-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-9.17.31-AM.png

The process will be upload video from your computer and then wait. After that,you copy paste the code. If you don’t intend to buy Vidello or Wistia,Builderall can do this for you. Watch the video i have uploaded below.

You can customize how it displays here.



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The last thing to talk about Builderall is some useful apps inside. Despite being a monthly fee,i think you are saving a  lot budget with this tool.


There are up to 10 apps inside as you can see on the picture above.

a.Facebook Apps


The first thing Builderall can do for you is you can spy other fanpage. For example,i enter the keyword Skincare USA.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.20.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.22.22-PM.png

Then a bunch of fanpage with that keyword will appear.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.35.47-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.35.52-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.12-PM.png

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.24-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.38-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.43-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.36.48-PM.png

Before you go viral,you need to analyze the competitor first. Thanks to Builderall,you are saving a lot time and energy, Simply click on their fanpage in order to see what they are doing.

b.Browser Notification

The best way to increase conversion besides a good looking landing page is exit-intent. With Builderall,you do not only create popup for your page but also a notification.

In fact,people can not avoid seeing this when they are coming to your landing page. Instead of buying additional services,you get this with Builderall.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.50.25-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-7.53.45-PM.png

Just simply create,edit text and font,that’s all.


Now,i need to customize on how it displays. Don’t forget to add the code into your landing page.

It doesn’t just integrate Builderall page,it can even integrate your own website.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.36-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.44-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.12.52-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-14-at-8.13.00-PM.png

You can also view the statistics on how it performs.

c.Seo On-Page Report

Besides advertising,you should also focus on free traffic. With free traffic,you can not forget SEO.

There’s a lot factor in order to rank on Google such as backlink,content,keywords,syndication,RSS,etc. But before doing these stuffs,you may need to get more SEO on-page good first.

Builderall’s landing page don’t only SEO friendly but it also help your site rank on Google.


For example,i use the keyword Builderall review and the URL is this review.


Then,a list of suggestion will appear.


Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.00-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.12-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.18-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.24-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.07.34-PM.png

Remember to click Read More to see how to fix your issues. Here are some mistakes in this post.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.21.56-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.22.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.22.17-PM.png

d.Click Map

The best way to know why your landing page doesn’t convert is to know what your audiences are doing. Normally,if you are paying for Crazy Eggs or Heatmap Tracker,this will cost you monthly. And guys,you got it completely free in Builderall.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.55.20-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.55.59-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.56.08-PM.png

Just copy paste the code to your site,page header after that.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.57.43-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-15-at-9.57.58-PM.png

The next part is for yourself,i won’t go detail here.

e.Script Generator

If you lack copywriting skill,don’t worry because Builderall has script generator feature for user. At present,there are only 2 landing page services adopt script generator,Clickfunnels and Builderall.

What surprises me is that these script can be used for various online niche and usage. You can use for a video sales letter,salespage,headline,email swipes and even funnel. Let’s take a look at  my example script. This is Builderall Script Generator.


This is what i see after clicking Generating Scripts.


i.VSL Script

This is a nice features when you create a video sales letter that contains high quality copywriting technique. Builderall adopts animated video creator so that you can you both here. Besides,you can also use it to create a webinar video.


Now,let’s start.


The process is that you need to answer all question about your product. For example,i will create a video sales letter for Reevio,the best video crreator.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.23.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.25.16-PM.png

Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.26.47-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.29.11-PM.png

Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.37.42-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.46.36-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-03-16-at-9.46.57-PM.png


After that,click on Export Script. Then simply download and view it as a Powerpoint file.

f.Social Proof

One of the best way to boost conversion and creditability is to add social proof towards audiences. When viewing your landing page,they can not stop watching social proof. Without Builderall,you will need to pay for some services such as,Convertproof or Provely.

So,you are lucky because you get access on Builderall.


Now,click Create A Campaign.


You can either add a Builderall landing page or your own website.


Now,you need to add action from people. Notes : Builderall also saves last 1000 real clients.


And lastly,copy paste the script code.


And that’s the social proof feature of Builderall. Certainly,this addon will boost a lot conversion for your landing page. Using Builderall is a complete saving of time and budget.

And that’s all my review about Builderall,there are four features that i haven’t mentioned are Chat Review,Share Locker,Facebook Inbox Answer and E-Learning. Once i have time,i will discover all in depth about it.

Don’t worry about the service because there’s a lot video tutorials and training inside.

There are no upsells so that no hidden features.

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Pros of Builderall

  • Drag and Drop Element
  • Absolutely No Upsell (hence there’s no hidden features)
  • Images Hosting Library
  • Animated Video Creator
  • Generate Script for VSL,Email,Headline and various purpose
  • Mailing Boss with Up to 10,000 Subscribers
  • Can Add Social Proof,Notification Bar and Exit Pop
  • Can Host Video
  • Subdomains with Unlimited Pages
  • Hosting with SSL Certificate in the US server
  • Heat Map Your Audiences
  • Video Background
  • SEO Friendly and On Page SEO analysis
  • Spy FB Fanpage
  • Facebook Autoresponder and Share Locker

Cons of Buiderall

1.Somewhat Annoying When Adding Space Block

When you add space block in Buiderall,you can only duplicate another space block and can not easily add this. That’s cons of this service comparing with Clickfunnels,Instapage,Leadpages and Unbounces.

Final Verdict

In summary,Builderall is a great landing page creator that you should consider to buy. It’s super easy to use and it especially saves you a lot time and money. Besides,it has autoresponder sequences with advanced tagging,workflow. It can also help you increase conversion via popup,notification bar and social proof. On the other hand,you can even know your audiences’s action thanks to heat map license. Best of all,you get unlimited page hosting with SSL included from the service. If you can afford to buy Builderall,i highly recommend you to try.


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