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How To Seo Your Site

Search engine optimization is one of most popular online marketing tool for any website. With more websites coming online every day the competition gets larger, so you have to make sure you can out SEO them before they out do you. In this article I will tell how to increase your ranking and how to out do your competition.

Search engines change their algorithms often and it’s hard to keep up for anyone, so if you don’t know much about SEO don’t worry, I will get you up to speed. First make sure YOUR site is robot FRIENDLY by using HTML instead of flash and use more text than images or flash.

Page size can help you rank better in search engines, by keeping your page size low you will help robot(s) get more out of your web page. You should Keep it under 100k, but it’s best to keep it around 25k or lower. Content is a key because search engines like Google love theme sites. Build three pages of content per week with at least 200 words.

One thing that every one that owns a site should have heard about by now is link popularity. Link building is very important because not only will search engines find your site faster, but it will help you rank higher for the keywords you used in the links. Try to trade links with websites which have high Google PageRank of at least 4, the more the better, but don’t trade links just for PageRank, look at Traffic more.

Density and position play a big part in your ranking for your keywords. You should use your keyword once in the title, once in the description meta tag, once the in the heading, once the in the URL, once in bold text. Try to get a density between 5% and 20% and you should do good.

Meta tags are not that important as they once were, but some search still consider them and this could help you rank higher in some search engines. Use the keyword meta tag and description meta tag, the rest don’t do nothing nor help!

After the robots start coming to your site watch the logs (If you have logs) very closely and keep up with what pages they index and how often they come. Also make sure robots are crawling the full site and not just some pages.

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Facebook Ads Tips For Small Business Success

Astute Social Media, a Burbank, California based internet marketing agency, announced a new mental framework to help small businesses decide whether or not to Outsource Facebook Ads and other social media tasks.

For more information on Astute Social Media visit their website at:

According to Astute Social Media Founder and Chief Digital Strategist, Christopher T. Lawson, “Most often I see small businesses handing over social media duties to the millennial in the office with the fastest thumbs and the biggest Instagram following. This is a big mistake. The important thing to remember is that effective online advertising and social media marketing is much more than posting updates and tweets and understanding hashtags. Remember, this is social media MARKETING.”


I will Download Video From a Website

Good day, my friend. Thank you for dropping by. In this gig, I will download video from a social media website, news blogs, forums and other website that supports streaming. I have the best tool, for video downloading.

For video editing, please see my packages.

What will you get?

  • I will deliver it, as fast as I can
  • I’ll convert video clips in diferrent format such as (.mp4, .avi, .mkv. .flv, .DivX, .XviD and other format)
  • I also accept audio conversion (.mp3, .wav, .wma, .m4a and other)

$5 – I will download video clips only.

$15 – I will download and convert video from social media

$25 – I will download, convert, and edit video (Add Text, Logo, or cut scenes)

Message me for more details or any question. Thank you

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